Our Services

Gulf Coast Sealcoat provides a variety of paver cleaning, sealing, minor repair and restoration services to Starkey Ranch residents. Feel free to browse through the various services we offer in the sub-tabs of the Services section, or contact us to obtain a free quote or to discuss any custom paver needs you may have.

Brick Paver Restoration

If your older pavers need restoration, then you’ve come to the right place. A brick paver, either patio or driveway, look beautiful when they are new. Unfortunately, a few seasons of wear and tear on your pavers, harsh climate, etc,

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Brick Paver Sealing

Professionally sealing your brick paver is a crucial step towards protecting your investment long term. Damage from water, humidity and salt erosion can wear down your pavers, even after one or two seasons.

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Brick Paver Minor Repairs & Small Installs

Are your brick pavers cracked, chipped or have manufacturing defects? Have some of them sunken in or have been damaged with age, wear-and-tear, etc? If so, we can help!

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Brick Paver / Concrete Cleaning & Restoration

Let us clean & restore your driveway, walkway, patio, & pool deck pavers. A professionally completed pressure washing is an effective way to remove efflorescence, mold, algae, mud, dirt, grime etc.

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Grout Cleaning, Restoration & Sealing

Grout is generally a mixture of colored pigment, lime, sand and cement that hardens with water and left to cure. Grout is used to fill in spaces in between structures, namely tiles.

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Pressurized Washing Service

Our pressurized washing services can be used to clean a number of different surfaces. Some of these surfaces include: driveways, patios, sidewalks, storefronts, brick or concrete pavers, exterior house walls, and more.

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