If you are looking to get your pavers and/or stone work sealed, look no further than Ed Burga!!! He lives in the Ranch and owns Gulf Coast Sealcoat!!! He and his crew cleaned and sanded the driveway and then sealed the pavers and stonework on the front of the house today. Ed is a great guy and has a lot of pride in his crew, the work they do, and customer satisfaction!!! You will not find a better family run business!!! Thanks again Ed and Gavin!!

Shawn AtkinsonStarkey Ranch Resident

We had our front pavers and back pool pavers along with our stone sealed last week by Ed Burga and couldn’t be happier! We had drab, mildewed pavers with a small garden of weeds growing. Ed and his crew came in, cleaned everything up beautifully and made it look like new! We highly recommend him. Any questions or concerns, Ed was prompt and so professional. He exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier.

Catherine BoneyStarkey Ranch Resident

A big shout out to Ed Burga and his company Gulf Coast Sealcoat & Asphalt Maintenance Inc. They did an amazing job on my pavers and stacked stone on my front entryway. Highly recommended!

Amy LynnStarkey Ranch Resident

Huge Thank You to Ed Burga our neighborhood paver sealer!! We have been thinking about doing this for over a year and kept putting it off. He made our pavers come to life in the driveway and also sealed our stone making our curb appeal nicer! I cannot tell you how happy I am to not feel sand on my feet when I walk near the pool and see it  on my outdoor chairs. He was super easy to schedule with, his son was very polite and worked very hard ALL DAY from 9am until 8pm to finish for us in one day. If you want your pavers sealed, I highly recommend calling Gulf Coast Sealcoat & Asphalt Maintenance Inc!! 🙂

Anne BrombergStarkey Ranch Resident

Thanks Ed Burga for making our driveway and stone on the front of our house look a million times better!!! You and your amazing crew did a fantastic job. 🙂

Erin MorrowStarkey Ranch Resident

Thanks to Ed Burga and his son for a job well done on sealing our driveway and patio pavers, as well as the stone work on the front of the house. If anyone is considering sealing their pavers, I encourage you to reach out to Ed.

Tyler McCallStarkey Ranch Resident

Thanks to Ed Burga and sons for the great job they did sealing our pavers! Add us to the list of satisfied customers of Gulf Coast Sealcoat!

Greg GaulinStarkey Ranch Resident

I’d like to thank Ed Burga and his son for the amazing job he did sealing my driveway, lanai, and stone. What a huge difference it makes! I don’t know why I waited so long to get this done. If you’re in the market to get this task completed, give Ed a call. You won’t be disappointed!

Mary MagaraciStarkey Ranch Resident

Big thank you to Ed Burga for sealing our pavers. Also for his patience. We aren’t as organized as Ed is, so we unknowingly double booked him with some contractors. He sealed our back pavers and when the contractors showed up, he waited and came back two weeks later to seal our driveway and front porch. He didn’t complain at all and was completely understanding. We highly recommend him to any other neighbors.

Shane NorsworthyStarkey Ranch Resident

Astounding results!! Get your pavers and rock sealed by Ed Burga and son. They worked so hard on my driveway… it was admittedly the worst mildew they’d ever seen, lol.  Nothing like being a first time home owner and trusting the experts to fix our ignorant neglect! Now I know I won’t have to worry because they got my back and my pocket book! Very reasonable pricing for the work. Thank you Ed and co.

Amy BowmanStarkey Ranch Resident