Just had our driveway sealed by one of our neighbors, Ed and Tash of Gulf Coast Sealcoat, and the result was very dramatic.

Bill NicholsAnclote Reserve Resident

Hey everyone. I know you prob all have heard a lot about Ed Burga and his team over at Gulf Coast Sealcoat. I actually learned about him right here in this group and used him right after closing to seal not only my outside pavers but also my entire inside, including floor, tile and showers. He is one of the nicest guys, very professional and prompt. The tile, grout and pavers all look amazing and I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone who is looking to get their pavers and tile sealed to keep them clean and looking great for a long time to come. His number is 727-389-7777.

Neil DesaiAnclote Reserve Resident

Very impressed with the work by Ed Burga and his crew for the sealing of my driveway and walkway. Professional friendly crew and high quality product, which gives a perfect “wet look”.

Joshua EpsteinStarkey Ranch Resident

It was our pleasure to assist you guys to meet your personal goals. I do think your cleaning skills had a lot to do with it! I’d like to thank Ed Burga as well! He has been a workhorse lately, getting a lot of stuff done. I can’t recommend his services enough!

Kevin RocksStarkey Ranch Resident

A HUGE thank you to Ed Burga for helping make this home look so pristine! Thank you Ed!

Annie RocksStarkey Ranch Resident

Thank you so much to fellow Rancher, Ed Burga, for a job well done! Our pavers and stonework look amazing and it makes such a difference to the overall look of our house. Highly recommended!

Clare BaverstockStarkey Ranch Resident

We finally had our pavers sealed by Ed Burga. Great job and would highly recommend, especially since he lives right here on the ranch!

Jodi Gregory ZarinStarkey Ranch Resident

Need to seal pavers and travertine? We did! Hired our neighbor Ed Burga and we highly recommend him.

Wilma OrozcoStarkey Ranch Resident

If anyone is interested in seal coating we used Gulf Coast Sealcoat. He has done lots of work in the neighborhood and also lives in Anclote reserve. Great guy. He sealed my bricks on my home and driveway and pool dock. Very happy with his service.

Dennis J. CandeloraStarkey Ranch Resident

We hired Gulf Coast Sealcoat to come in and clean and seal our driveway and the rock work on our new home. They did an incredible job and the work looks great. No messes left behind, the crew was efficient and clean! The owner, Ed Burga, is resident here at the ranch. Give him a call at 727-389-7777.

Jeremy SlaterStarkey Ranch Resident